Banks Farley

My favorite type of data is the data that proves you wrong. Or the research that refuses to back up your initial theory.

To be the best in marketing, we must be inventive and agile, or at least willing to accept that can never know it all. This understanding isn’t just what pushes me to constantly explore the digital landscape and investigate developing technologies, it’s what made me fall in love with advertising in the first place.

Call me the Sherlock Holmes of click-thru-rates or the Hercule Poirot of behavior flow. I’ve also got 7+ years experience in optimizing online content and streamlining client websites. I don’t just love the internet, I live for the ever-evolving possibilities it presents and keep a personal blog/Instagram as my own digital playground.

Outside of work I host games nights, practice photography, attend classical music concertos and have recently launched a program teaching women Photoshop.

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