Discovery New Home Tour

The Discovery New Home Tour was put on by the Friendswood Development Company to advertise new & available homes across all of their master-planned communities. The tour took place from April 9th – May 14th, with the advertising campaign running throughout the same period. We received excellent returns including over 2.7 million ad impressions via Google Display Ads and directing 17,688 hits to the campaign landing page and logging 5,634 goal completions in Google Analytics when users clicked through to the individual community websites.

…directing 17,688 hits to the campaign landing page and logging 5,634 goal completions…

In addition to Google Display Ads, we also ran Facebook Carousel Ads, Video Ads and traditional click ads. Through repeat testing across clients, I know carousel ads to perform above and beyond any other type of Facebook ad (especially when including images of actual homes), but video views continue to be inexpensive. Lastly, I tested traditional click ads to diversify marketing efforts and keep the frequency low on all of the ads. To learn more about Facebook audiences and results for this campaign, continue reading below.

I also managed YouTube trailer ads to advertise the Discovery New Home Tour. Similar to Facebook video ads, YouTube ads continue to be relatively inexpensive and great for general branding. During this campaign, YouTube ads returned 18,753 views with an average cost of $0.07 per view.


To advertise the individual communities as well as the overall home tour, I created ads for each community directing to their individual websites.



Facebook audiences differed by the master-planned community that the ads were being shown to, however, people with children in their homes or the newly engaged/married were responsive audiences. In addition, outdoor lovers responded well to the communities that feature impressive outdoors amenities. Facebook results are below:

Ad Impressions: 361,374
Ad Reach: 253,308
Website Clicks: 8,894
Avg. Cost per Click: $0.28
Avg. Time on Site: 0:46

Video Views: 12,934
Avg. Cost per View: $0.02

Discovery New Home Tour

Friendswood Development Co.
Year: 2016

Google Display

2.7 million + ad impressions
31,687 video views
17,688 landing page hits